Andreas Hirning

b: July 23rd, 1836 in Neuburg, Russia to Andreas & Eva Hirning
d: May 11, 1889 in Neuburg, Russia

Spouse: Children:

b: 1851 in Russia
m: Oct 15, 1870 in Neuburg, Russia
d: Aug 12, 1888 in Russia


Family History & Pictures:

Andreas Jr. Hirning and his wife Dorthea Maier both died when their children were very young, Henry being only one year old when his mother died. the children were cared for by relation and brothers of Andreas Hirning. Their daughter Katherina was raised by Jacob Hirning. She is pictured on the photo of Jacob Hirning's family.

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Dorthea died on Aug 12, 1888 of high fever.
Andreas Jr. died on May 11, 1889, of blood poison. (boil).

Here is a story about Andreas and Dorthea submitted by Nettie Hauck:

"Dorthea was a good natured woman, pleasant personality, full of vigour, energy, spirit, happily whistling as going about her duties but never in the presence of Andrew or anyone else. While Andreas attended church meetings she opened the back door for young people to have a good time.

Andrew was a school carpenter- studied carpentry in Odessa, owned a carpentry factory with John Giese."

Our thanks to Nettie Hauck for this information.

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