About our Genealogy Records / Privacy Policy

Since we have started this Website, we have had countless excited individuals help expand our page by sending us additions and corrections. However, there have been individuals who have removed their names from the Internet genealogy listings, so we would like to clarify why this is done, and explain our policy about publishing genealogy information.

Truth be told, names and birth dates cannot be considered as "private information" for most people. The purpose of listing genealogy on this website is to connect families together, with the only relevant information we pursue being names, family relationships, and birth and death dates for deceased individuals. Virtually all of this information is commonly accessible to anyone for the looking. Certain states in the United States restrict the release of such legal documents as birth and death certificates, but the information we provide here is not legally verified information, and was obtained in most cases by other family members or genealogy researchers.

As of March 2006, we decided to remove birth dates and birth locations for living individuals born after 1920. Due to the large problem in the United States with identity theft, we felt that it was unwise to publish this information, as it could be easily obtained by strangers through searching a person's name in Google. We are considering whether other steps should be taken, as our own names are published on the site.

However, if you do not believe that vital record information already exists on the internet, you may be in for a surprise. For example, if you were born in the state of California, you can find birth records from 1905-1995 on this website. Do a quick search for any name, and see dates, locations, mothers' maiden name, all listed here. (Note: The California legislature decided for privacy reasons to withhold information for individuals after 1995. Never mind the fact that millions of people in a 90 year span are still available for searching.) 

A few individuals have asked us to remove their names completely, and we have done so without question. We feel that those who continue to provide valuable information outweigh any negative feelings shown by very few individuals. If you wish to remove your name, marriage date, or any other information on your immediate family, please contact us immediately. But because we obtain our information from close family members or public genealogy databases, removing your information from other sources may be much more difficult.

The Hirning Heritage HomePage also maintains a genealogical database in the Family Tree Maker format. This database is mainly used for internal purposes, and thus we do not remove records from it. Therefore, while you may be removed from the Internet, our records may still contain information removed from the website. This database is kept in our private possession, and is not publicly published.

The Hirning Heritage HomePage is not affiliated with any public, corporate, social, or religious group, but is merely a private webpage dedicated to genealogical research for the Hirning Family. If you have any questions about our policies, please email us at or

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