Mystery Hirning Picture Gallery

The following pictures are so called "Mystery Hirnings", because the person(s) in the picture cannot be identified with any certainty. So we list the "Mystery Hirnings" here, and ask for your help to find out who they really are.

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The Skinny

hmystery.jpg (91115 bytes)

This picture has a name written of Jacob & Magdalena Hirning on its back. However, it obviously is not Jacob or Magdalena, as are seen in These Pictures

Our guess it that it could be Heinrich & Margaret Hirning, as are seen in this family picture

horse_unknown.jpg (46693 bytes)

This picture, given to us by Kathleen LeDoux, has an unknown rider and his horse. No more is known, it probably was taken in America.

children_unknown.jpg (37992 bytes)

These two children are featured in this picture obtained from Kathleen LeDoux. The picture was taken in Russia, and the subjects of the picture are most likely descendents of Jacob Hirning. Nothing else is known.

caroline_unknown.jpg (24290 bytes)

Caroline Hirning is featured in this picture obtained from Kathleen LeDoux. However, which Caroline Hirning is unclear. She is probably Jacob Jr.'s daughter- however this is not certain.

Family Pictures:
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Magdalena (Hirning) Otto
| Katherina (Hirning) Bibelheimer | Eva (Hirning) Ammon Grenz


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