The 2000 Hirning Worldwide Reunion

The 2000 World Hirning Family Reunion was a astounding success! We thank all the people who attended and made the event possible. Overall, we had about 175 people from 4 countries.

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Attendee Addresses
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For those who request it, we can provide an address list of those who attended the reunion in Bismarck. If you are interested in downloading this list, please email us and we'll send you the addresses.

Reunion Books, Mugs, and Videos

There are no more genealogy books, reunion mugs, or videos available. The genealogy books made after the reunion have become outdated, and all of the latest genealogy information is now available on this website. 
Thanks for your interest.

Reunion Photos & Video Highlights

Reunion Photo Gallery

RealVideo Highlights:

The History of the Hirnings
by Thomas & Ralf Hirning
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Part 4 | Part 5

History of the Australian Hirnings
presented by
Merle Andersen
Dorothy Currey

Hirning Trivia
presented by
Mark Hirning

History of the Canadian Hirnings
presented by
Lorraine Hirning

History of the American Hirnings
presented by
Robert Hirning


all video is in the RealVideo format.
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See you at the next World Hirning Reunion!

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